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Sequenced rice genomes available through IRIC

N 22 RefSeq

Though a collaboration by IRRI and the Arizona Genomic Institute , a RefSeq quality genome build for the aus heat-tolerant N 22 was recently completed using the whole genome shotgun approach with PacBio sequencing technology.  The predicted error rate is on par with that of Nipponbare (<1 error per 10,000 bases).  As yet, only Nipponbare is a high-quality build in the public domain for rice. 

N 22 is important for several reasons:  it is heat and drought tolerant, deep-rooted and the source of a number of resources for functional genomics.  The genetic stock used for sequencing was "IRGC 117534" with designation "N 22::IRGC 19379-1". 

 The current assembly has been uploaded to Genbank with sequence accession number LWDA00000000.  Annotation was done using the Maker-P pipeline, and some of this info may be updated to remove some small amount of TE genes and rename them.  Chloroplast and Mitochondrial assemblies are also available for this build.

The RefSeq N 22 genome and annotations of the assembly is now  available for use, following stipulations under the Toronto Statement.  By downloading and using this dataset in part or in its entirety, you agree to abide to the spirit of the Toronto Statement. The links for download are given below: