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SNP-Seek USE CASE: Get variations in a region

posted Apr 6, 2017, 1:39 AM by Frances Nikki Borja ‎(IRRI)‎

A. Given a region of interest (gene), get similar varieties

Region of interest: LOC_Os04g57530

  1. Go to Genotype search page

  2. Supply the known information. Choose all varieties in the multiple: Subpopulation drop down menu in the Compare Varieties section. Supply the gene locus id in the Gene locus query box in the Region section.

  3. The table matrix showing the accession with variation in the region will be returned. There are 78 varieties that shown variation in this region. The table matrix is downloaded in CSV to further examine the region.

  4. Results can be downloaded as CSV format by clicking the CSV box in the Download section.

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