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How to be an IRIC member

Membership to IRIC

  • Any public sector organization, non-profit or for-profit non-governmental organization, or private company can become a member of the IRIC (Annex 1 - IRIC guideline).
  • The IRIC has two membership categories: 1) private sector membership and 2) public sector membership. Financial contributions (hereafter referred to as grants) under the consortium structure will depend on the membership category, based on principles of (i) being simple, fair and transparent, (ii) honoring the different public and private sector roles and interests, and, (iii) providing a sustainable level of support for the wider range of IRIC functions.

“Public Sector” members are defined as any not-for-profit institutions that are primarily supported by public funds (e.g., government-funded national research institutions, public universities, international or regional research centers,)

Annual membership contribution:  Voluntary

“Private Sector” members are defined as any for-profit organizations or companies that have commercial activities related to crop R&D and/or selling of seeds and other products and services, including business entities under public organizations. 

Annual membership contribution:  USD $20,000

  • Annex 1 describes the procedure for becoming an IRIC member. Private members generally agree to a minimum membership duration of five years. All private sector membership contributions will be paid to IRRI as grants based on a Letter of Agreement.
  • Members are encouraged to make additional voluntary contributions to the IRIC or support bilateral public-private research projects among IRIC members.